Saturday, December 31, 2011

49. Read-off Competition

2012 "Read-Off" Competition

This year I am running a competition, a "read-off" that is measured by page count. Each week participants will message me or text me or email me their page count for the week of what they've read and I'll keep a running total on my other blog in a post each week. Pages from books (fiction, nonfiction and textbooks) and articles (magazines and scholarly) can be counted in the page count. If you use an Ereader you can look up page counts on Amazon or Goodreads. The reader who has read the most pages by the end of the year will win a prize (I haven't figured out what the prize is yet). Leave a comment if you want to join! I will also need some other contact info such as an email address, Twitter name or Facebook info so that I can get your page counts each week. Happy reading readers!


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