The Write Reader: contains my latest book reviews. I try to cover a wide range of books new, and old, and from all different kinds of genres. I don't read to critique only (although that is part of it) but to find value in every book. I am not a pretentious or elitist reviewer and I try to find something meaningful in every text I work through. I am here to learn and grow as a writer, reader and thinker, and am here to share this process with you.

Just Who do I think I am?!: I earned a Master of Arts degree in English in 2010 with an emphasis in literature and a graduate certificate in women's and gender studies. In 2014 I earned a Master's of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in General Psychology. I work as a college professor. I also run a small photography and creative arts business called "Love Works". Please feel free to network, share, and connect with me.

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